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Conform Chairs

Products of a province.

No matter which road you take through the Swedish province of Småland, miles and miles of dense forest will be your constant companion. But every now and then the landscape opens up, and what you will see is likely a furniture factory.

In the old days, our part of the country demanded hard, laborious work. This would shape the people of Småland, who became sensible, honest and enduring – qualities that also became the framework of the furniture industry. Småland furniture did not say “Here I am,” but rather “I am here for you.”

The well-known Swedish Furniture District of today still rests on that original approach. It’s a heritage we are very proud to be a part of.

When we’ve finished our work, you’re the one who gets to relax.

Every piece of furniture from Conform is designed to be the most comfortable spot in your home. The more work we put into it, the more you will enjoy it.

The story began more than forty years ago. Then it was 1978, and we were making armchairs in Holsbybrunn, Småland. Now it’s 2021, and we are making armchairs in Holsbybrunn, Småland.

At first glance there is no difference – but take a closer look, and you will find a remarkable development when it comes to materials, design and manufacturing processes.

Sure, we could broaden our product portfolio quite easily – but we are perfectly happy with making armchairs and footstools. To us, specialization is valuable. It means the things you make are special.


Youthful softness for modern comfort by Jahn Aamodt

The meeting between strict lines and rounded shapes makes BeYoung a confident piece of furniture, with a slightly youthful arrogance. The footstool keeps the same style, rounded at the top and straight cut at the bottom. It’s a statement for your own comfort zone.

The built-in Syncro Backup provides comfortable and ergonomically correct sitting in all positions.


Lounge deluxe by Lenka Teilmann

A relaxed lounge feeling characterizes Shabby, an armchair that looks especially good in genuine leather as seen in the picture here. But Shabby is not only eye-catching. It’s been built for unpretentious socializing for many years to come. The footstool and your own choices of upholstery complete the picture.


A perfect relaxing chair by Jahn Aamodt

Times change, but the need for “me time” will not. Timeout, a classic armchair with proud and well-balanced lines, is ready whenever you want to take a break from the outside world. Choose between legs or swivel foot, and feel free to add the footstool that continues the shape of the armchair.

The built-in Syncro Backup provides comfortable and ergonomically correct sitting in all positions.


A peaceful oasis, a personal sphere by Jahn Aamodt

Our most organically inspired armchair invites you to soft and calm relaxation, but also creative thinking. Globe gives you an all-encompassing convenience, where you can easily spin a little, let your body feel at ease and find your personal sphere.

The built-in Syncro Backup provides comfortable and ergonomically correct sitting in all positions