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About Webbs

Here at Webbs our job is about listening to people, understanding what our customers want and giving them exactly what they want – a great product at a competitive price with a level of personal service that others just don’t seem to be able to match anymore.

Many of our customers comment on how refreshing it is to deal with a company that has such traditional values. In fact, we liked one comment so much we now use it in our advertising – “with service you had forgotten to expect!”

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Meet the team...

The history of Webbs

Herbert Webb started this family run business in 1936, with a paraffin round, in and around the Crickhowell, Abergavenny and Brynmawr area. He borrowed £10 from his mother to get himself started, paid her back after the first week and the business has just grown from strength to strength. Herbie very often jokingly said ‘if I’d had had a puncture in the first few weeks I was in business I would have gone bankrupt’. The business had an enforced interval when Herbert had to serve his National Service during the war. When he returned, business was back to normal, his wife Dulcie, and brother-in-law Garnett, were busy running the little hardware shop in Crickhowell, while he was out until all hours, in all weathers selling paraffin, brushes, candles, soap, and all sorts of household items.

Herbert and Dulcie had by now had three sons, and during the 1960’s, John and Richard were growing up and starting to help their father. When they left school, the business grew dramatically. John started laying flooring & carpets, while Richard took over from his father on the van. Very solid foundations were being laid, for what is now a very well-respected and successful family business. The late 1970’s saw family involvement grow further when Herbert's youngest son Michael also joined his father and brothers.

Unfortunately, the early nineties were not very kind to Herbert as he lost both Garnett and Dulcie in quick succession, so they were not to see the shop as it stands today.

Company Development

In 1992, the acquisition of the Cambrian Arms in Crickhowell gave the business a new direction, bringing the success with it that such an investment thoroughly deserves. Richard’s dream of becoming a furniture retailer was to become true. Sheer determination, good management and old-fashioned hard work turned this dream into reality. Herbert could never have dreamed that his paraffin round could have turned into what it is today. Sadly, he passed away peacefully in April 1999, and was not able see the new millennium.

Crickhowell is proud to have the name Webb as being one of its most respected and well-loved families. The new millennium has however seen a number of changes. Peter, Herbert’s eldest grandson became the first of the third generation to enter the business.

This was soon followed by the opening of a new Bed & Bedroom showroom which is already proving to be a big success. This fabulous new showroom, in a converted 16th Century Granary barn has seen a huge growth in the sales of Bed & Bedroom furniture. So much so, that plans are now being worked upon to develop a new warehouse to cope with the increasing volumes. This new warehouse will also give us the opportunity to free up space and redevelop the main store and car park to further expand our range of Garden Furniture and Machinery.

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